Antares Dressage Show Entry

Welcome to our dressage show entry site.
Use your desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone to enter our dressage shows in Pinehurst North Carolina. Add a horse and rider one time, then select your saved choices when you enter future sandhills dressage shows.

Steps to Enter a Show Online

  1. +Register or Sign In

  2. Add Horse (One time only-The first time horse is shown)

  3. Add Rider (At least one rider must be added to create entry)

  4. Create Entry (You must have a horse & rider in system first.)

  5. Pay for Entries


Sign-up by closing date via online app, fax, or regular mail.
No sign-ups can be accepted after closing date or via phone or email.

Pay before closing date | Rides $40 each.
Pay after closing date* | Rides $45 each.

* If you would like to pay on the day of the show, you must contact us before the closing date to have your ride scheduled.
Entries are fully refundable before ride times are posted. If you scratch your ride(s) after rides times are posted, and have not paid, please send payment to address below.

Paper Entry

You can mail, fax, or email the paper entry form before closing date.

Contact Us for mailing, fax, direction info.